Banana Bread

Dhs. 38

Sold as loaves of approx. 300g to 340g.

100% Vegan.

Bread’s good, but Banana Bread’s better. After trying ours, which is perfectly moist & fluffy, you’ll always want this staple at home. 

Made with gluten-free oats, bananas, almonds, flaxseed, coconut sugar, extra virgin coconut oil, Himalayan salt, walnuts & cinnamon. 

Refrigerate for up to 5 days. Best served warm. Freezer friendly!

Freezer intructions: Slice the Banana Bread into 5 or 6 slices and store in an airtight container. To defrost, microwave the desired number of slices for 30 seconds or until they're just warm.

Gluten, dairy, soy, corn & refined sugar-free. Contains nuts.

Per 50g slice, calories: 170 / carbs: 19g / fat: 10g / protein: 3g

Price includes VAT.

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